Buenos Aires

Grupo Roxcell, S.A.

Tronador 1844, 3
Argentina, Buenos Aires, Tronador 1844, 3
Sazonets Andres, director
Flagma member since 11 October 2005
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Business activities

Firm "Grupo Roxcell S. A." is a producer and exporter of the Argentinean meat.
Highest quality Argentine beef cuts, within or without Hilton Quote in Vacuum pack, chilled
-1ºC +2ºC or frozen at -18ºC, in 25 kg cartons.
Natural proportions, anatomic cuts, IWP, frozen at -18º C, in cartons 25 kg.
Beef in blocks natural proportions, polyethylene wrap, frozen at -18º C, in cartons 25 kg.
Beef on bone quarter carcasses, frozen at -18ºC, polyethylene bag and polystyrene over-bag.

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