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Patented wastewater treatment technology
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Добавлено: 6 ноября 2020, 08:59

Patented wastewater treatment technology

10 000 /штука
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Midveris Algis Vydimanto
,  Вильнюс, LT
на Флагма с 27 февраля 2018


Patented wastewater treatment technology ( with certification from the european union)... waste water treatment process is completely automatic, so the plant automatically reacts to the total daily flow and content changes.

technology with more than 70.000 installation of wastewater treatment systems in more than 50 countries ((china, russia, spain ...)
the treated water can be reused for irrigation or showering after disinfection !

wastewater treatment technology satisfies the highest ecological requirements. the biologically treated water can be reused because of the high treatment parameters. the whole waste water treatment process is being performed in one single radial polypropylene content.

• highest quality plants with exceptional treatment parameters, low excess sludge production and minimum energy consumption
• wide range of waste water treatment plants - from individual homes to entire neighborhoods, from restaurants to manufacturing factories and other buildings
• patented and unique waste water treatment technology and construction of our plants allow easy transportation

vertical flow labyrinth – vfl.
do you have problems with your wastewater? do you deposit them in septic tanks? do you discharge them into rivers, streams or through an infiltration pit? we have an alternative, economic and 100% environmental to your problem. if your project needs to treat the waters of settlements, be they of buildings, colonies, or municipalities, our alternatives offer treated water quality in extremely small spaces for this purpose. wastewater treatment systems using biological reactors with slovak technology vfl (vertical flow laberynth), providing a guaranteed cleaning of 90 to 97% of wastewater. our systems operate without bad odors or annoying noises, low maintenance costs, with options to reuse the water. if your need is to treat industrial waters, our evh systems are the solution, with certification from the european union and guaranteed exit parameters

patented the activated sludge vfl technology, which is special because of waste water treatment quality. since the foundation of the company, our technology has been continuously improved and adapted.


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,  Вильнюс, LT
на Флагма с 27 февраля 2018

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